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Public Spaces - New Book by Vikas Mehta

Our very own Vikas Mehta has written a new book: Public Space: notes on why it matters, what we should know, and how to realize its potential was recently published by Routledge.

"This little book journeys a vast territory and presents a panoramic view of public space under one cover in an incisive and concise manner. As a dialogue between the social-political and the material-physical, the book brings together the key ideas that encompass the social, political, and physical issues in the making and experience of public space. The book is at the same time a primer and a progressive text. It makes the case for public space, digs deep into understanding what public space is, followed by three sections that present the inherent paradoxes, the possibilities, and propositions for a more meaningful public space. The book presents ideas in concise and approachable ways―from established tenets to new propositions―that will challenge the reader’s preconceived notions. Urban designers, architects, landscape architects, planners, students and scholars in the built environment disciplines and social sciences will find the book thought-provoking and a constructive companion. Public space managers, public and private sector practitioners, and civic leaders, but also residents who want to better understand and make an impact in their communities and cities will find Public Space to be a valuable resource.

This COVID baby is also self-designed, in collaboration with Muhammad Rahman from the School of Design who was one of the early AACSRE Fellows."

Congrats to Vikas & Muhammad on this amazing work!


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