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Emerging Fellows

Our Emerging Fellows program was created to reward and support those who are researching innovative thinking in signage. Our emerging fellows mission is to support researchers from diverse disciplines in conducting research related to the societal benefits of signs & wayfinding. We have funded over $100k to our 10+ emerging fellows research in the last 5 years. 


Our faculty members from over a dozen universities along with thought leaders from the sign industry are driving this collaborative movement. Interested in becoming the next Emerging Fellow?

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Current Emerging Fellows

Leah Smith, 2022

​​​Leah is studying the impact of sensational spelling on signage. Many businesses (such as Chick-fil-a, Toys R Us, Krispy Kreme etc.) utilize intentionally misspelled names or taglines to attract attention and improve recall among consumers. However, she examines how these misspellings impact consumer reactions and impressions of the business itself.

Aaron Krach, 2022

How does life change when we are on vacation, away from home and work? Our immediate surrounding change but is our interior life altered, too? Aaron's work with AACSRE will help take his public, text-based installations to a location of leisure, Orlando, Florida. He is eager to see how different environments, and our perceptions while in these locations, changes how we read and experience advertising and art.

Lindsey Fromm, 2022

Focus: Connects sign shop owners and staff throughout the city to understand crucial skills to implement a sign makers certificate program.

Lindsey Fromm is conducting research into the current and projected work force needs of the Albuquerque sign manufacturing industry, and the potential benefits of collaborating with Central New Mexico Community College to prepare future sign professionals for the field. She will determine an academic path forward for this partnership through a planned course of study, specialized courses. certification program, apprenticeship opportunities, or work study positions. If a business-educational partnership proves fruitful in this industry, the research will be shared as a model for similar partnerships across the country.

Emerging Fellows Corner

AASCRE celebrates & recognizes our alumni from the Emerging Fellows program:

Adekunle Adebisi (University of Cincinnati), 2021

Focus: Impacts of Work Zone Traffic Signage Devices and Environment Complexity on Drivers' Visual Behavior and Workers Safety focusing on Traffic Signage Devices, existing vest standards and glare conditions from environmental lighting.

Jennifer Hong (Seattle University), 2020 - 2021

Focus: The effect of location of branded on-premise signages on consumers’ judgments (less crowded vs. highly crowded location) with a passion for understanding contextual and motivational factors that influence various consumer judgments.

Riley Krotz (University of Tennessee/Texas Tech University), 2020 - 2021

Focus: Pilot study for how on-premise signs and messaging can increase prosocial behavior, blood donations, and ultimately benefit society by saving lives

Ruomeng Wu (University of Cincinnati/Western Kentucky University), 2019 - 2020

Focus: Disfluent Fonts in billboards and advertising

(Rita) Ngoc To (University of Houston), 2018 - 2019

Focus: Aesthetics and Design issues in Marketing as it relates to signage

Muhammad Rahman (University of Cincinnati), 2018 - 2019

Focus: Design pedagogy, visual identity and culture, dimensional typography in urban context, cross disciplinary practices and environmental dimensional graphic design

Aparna Sundar (University of Oregon), 2017 - 2018

Focus: Graphic Design and Color and the impacts on signage

Eric Ragan (Texas A&M University), 2017 - 2018

Focus: The Impact of Infographics on Signage

For more information about the AACSRE Emerging Fellows program, please visit here ( drives to qualifications of program). Applications and/or questions should be directed to Marihelen Millar or by phone at 513-405-5530.

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