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AACSRE Committees 2020

​Officers/Executive Committee

Charles R. Taylor, President/Chairperson

Steven Kopp, Vice President

Ellen Babcock, Secretary

Eric Strauss, Treasurer

Chris Auffrey, Immediate Past President/Chairperson

Joe Rickman, Member at Large

Bob Oast, Legal Counsel

Marihelen Millar, Executive Director

Investment Committee

Chris Auffrey, Chairman

Bob Oast

Dawn Jourdan

Eric Strauss

Bryce Lowery

On-Line Course Development Committee

Alan Weinstein, Chairman

Vikas Mehta

Charles R. Taylor

Eric Strauss

Craig Berger

Chris Auffrey

Dawn Jourdan

Sustainability/Fundraising Committee

Joe Rickman, Chairman

Greg McCarter

John Bullough

Ray Taylor

Emerging Fellows Program Committee

Steven Kopp, Chairman

Dawn Jourdan

Ellen Babcock

Mathew Isaac

Dydia DeLyser

Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding

Charles R. Taylor, Chairman

John Bullough

Steven Kopp

James Kellaris

Bob Oast

Futurism Committee

James Kellaris, Chairman

Aparna Sundar

Pat Crawford

Adam Pike

Marketing Committee

Andrea Dixon, Co-Chairperson

Emily Auvil

Ryan Gaffney

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