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AACSRE'S - Dr. Aparna Sundar - in the news

The University of Oregon released an article around the research that AACSRE's very own Dr. Aparna Sundar and research partner Edita Cao (Doctoral Student), ​have conducted a series of three studies around consumers assumptions based on the language used by brands and advertisers.

"What we've found is that very basic variations in tone of language used in advertising biased attitudes toward a brand," said Sundar, who studies the role of verbal and visual tone of advertising on consumer perceptions. "What we observed in the studies is that the language used by a brand in its advertising certainly impacted any negative attitude toward the brand. However, individuals did not vary their perceptions of the morality of the practice."

AACSRE is proud to collaborate with forward thinking individuals such as Dr. Sundar.

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