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AACSRE Board Convenes at the University of Cincinnati

First Class of Emerging Fellows Provides Overview of Research

October 20, 2017: The Board of Directors of the Academic Advisory Council for Signage Research and Education (AACSRE) met on October 19-20, 2017 at the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Dawn Jourdan, chairperson, convened the meeting which featured selection and appointment of new officers, new committee leadership and strategic planning for 2018.

The leadership for 2018 will be:

Chairman/President-Chris Auffrey; Vice Chairman—Ray Taylor; Secretary--Steven Kopp; Treasurer--Eric Strauss; Past Chairperson—Dawn Jourdan; Member at Large-Joe Rickman; Executive Director-Patty Herbin; Bob Oast-Legal Counsel; Emerging Fellows; Steven Kopp; Investment-Chris Auffrey; On-Line Course Development-Alan Weinstein; Sustainability/Outreach-Joe Rickman; Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding-Vikas Mehta and Marketing-Andrea Dixon/Patty Herbin.

AACSRE’s initial class of Emerging Fellows, Dr. Aparna Sundar of the University of Oregon, Dr. Eric Ragan of Texas A&M University and Kelsey Dalton McClellan of the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago presented updates on their research projects.

Also participating in the meeting were former UC Marketing Capstone students Ryan Gaffney and Emily Auvil and Wade Swormstedt of the Foundation for the Advancement of the Sign Industry (FASI).

The Board also recognized Dr. Jourdan for her leadership as charter chairperson and President of AACSRE. Dr. Eric Strauss of Michigan State University in making the award noted “AACSRE will always be indebted to Dawn Jourdan for her vision to align independent thought leadership from various academic disciplines within 14 world class universities to advance the study of on-premise signage”.

More information about the programs and services provided by AACSRE is available on our website, and any questions or comments can be directed to Patty Herbin, Executive Director.

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