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Friends of AACSRE

The Academic Advisory Council for Signage Research and Education (AACSRE) is a non-profit corporation comprised of members with deep ties to universities across the United States. Membership is by invitation and members must have demonstrated professional practice/expertise in signage research/education. Invitations are made by the Executive Committee, with the approval of the Board of Directors, to university faculty and researchers who engage in scholarship, advocacy and education in areas relevant to on-premise sign education and research. AACSRE exists to provide an environment where scholarship in the signage field can be envisioned, solicited, and developed in an objective and peer reviewed environment.

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of this field of study, AACSRE often looks to professional knowledge leaders for inspiration relating to emerging issues and “hot topics.” Given the importance of this knowledge, as well as the interest of these professionals in engaging, AACSRE has created a special category of membership. These individuals, recruited in the same fashion as their academic counterparts, will be identified by the Executive Board and, after consideration by the full membership, will be invited to become a Friend of AACSRE.

Friends of AACSRE will not be voting members. They will be expected to attend all general meetings and receive minutes from the same. Friends of AACSRE, once appointed, will be invited to comment on initiatives considered by the board of directors and to propose ideas for new initiatives as “other business.” We seek full participation from members of this group beyond the issues that may have attracted their interest in membership. Friends of AACSRE may, at the President’s discretion, be invited to sit on standing or ad hoc committees. Friends of AACSRE who are or become connected with a university may seek appointment to the AACSRE Board as new members are invited to join. Friends of AACSRE shall be appointed for two year terms and may be reappointed by a vote of the full board for additional terms.

For additional information on AACSRE, please contact Marihelen Millar.

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