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University of Cincinnati Capstone Students

The board members at AACSRE have sought help in strengthening their marketing plan to help develop its brand architecture, value proposition, brand characters and communication strategy and digital strategy. With this in mind we have decided to once again partner with the University of Cincinnati. This partnership has allowed us to work with two graduate students who will help us reach our marketing goals outline above. Therefore, it is with our pleasure we welcome Emily and Ryan to the AACSRE team!


Why the University of Cincinnati?

“The MS-Marketing program makes you Day One Ready for a career in marketing. Few programs can match the quality and applicability of education while at the same time drawing on cutting-edge thinking from global leaders just down the street.”- Rian Masanoff, Procter & Gamble, Class of 2013

Additionally, The University of Cincinnati's Master of Science in Marketing program is nationally ranked and provides a wealth of resources for AACSRE and AACSRE's core constituents.

Emily and Ryan bring their own unique skillset to help improve the AACSRE long-term branding strategy. Both Consultants are from the well-respected University of Cincinnati and are standout students in the Master of Science Marketing program. Below, you can find a brief introduction of both Emily and Ryan.

Emily Auvil

Hello! I am Emily Auvil and I'm currently employed by E.W. Scripps as a Creative Coordinator and part time MBA/MS Marketing student. I have a strong passion for branding and signage stemming from the start of my career at Landor Associates (a local branding company in Cincinnati). I graduated in 2011 from Ohio University with degrees in Marketing, International business and a minor in Spanish. I love traveling, and new adventures!

Ryan Gaffney

Hello AACSRE! My name is Ryan Gaffney and I'm in my last semester of graduate school. I have a focus in consumer behavior and behavioral sciences of which I plan on pursuing my Ph.D. I've worked with Idealine, a local market research company, and Luxottica. Additionally, I focused on Marketing and International Business at the University of Cincinnati during my undergrad studies. of Outside of my academics I'm passionate about traveling the world, snowboarding and volunteering for the American Cancer Society.

Emily and Ryan will be focusing on long-term outreach to our core constituents as well as an organic approach to increasing brand equity. They feel strongly, that creating a strong brand internally, will provide a strong brand externally.

“Business-to-business work is about building a brand from the inside out. The brand message that we communicate to our clients’ business constituents is often the same message that is carried through to the consumers in the marketplace,” Maureen Hall.

Please welcome them to our team!

Both students have provided links below if you would like to see their previous work.

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