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AACSRE Launches Volume 4 of Journal

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Vol. 4 No. 1: Roads, Interiors, Typography, and Research Technology

Our newest issue of the Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding provides a broad overview of the true interdisciplinary breadth of the multiple and inter-related fields of inquiry involved in signage research, as well as the diverse research methods currently being used to explore some of the important questions related to efficiency, effectiveness and aesthetics. What emerges from this seemingly eclectic presentation of research is a surprising degree of overlap, pointing to the importance of a journal such as the IJSW for informing specific areas of research related to signage and wayfinding, but also assisting researchers to access those findings emerging in allied fields.

Read the full Journal here

Co-Editors: Christopher Auffrey, Ph.D. and Vikas Mehta, Ph.D.
Managing Editor: Anna Parnigoni
Univeristy of Cincinnati, College of DAAP


Interested in publishing with the IJSW? We accept submissions on a rolling basis. Find out more on the IJSW website here, or contact Anna Parnigoni

AACSRE Participates in TCR Conference


A team of six researchers participated in the Transformation Through Policy: Signage and Communities workshop, co-chaired by Aparna Sundar and Charles R. Taylor. Other participants were Chris Auffrey, Steve Kopp, Hannah Marriott and Franklin Velasco. This interactive and dialogical session benefited from the cross-functional expertise across the group, all of whom shared an interest in conducting research on signage related issues.


Preconference activities included gathering literature on the core themes identified on the topic. In the group’s initial workshop session, insights gathered in the preconference phase were organized, categorized and synthesized. In the second session, smaller teams were used to develop a conceptual framework for the transformation of communities through policy formulated around signage. In the workshop’s final session, the conceptual framework was refined and an action plan for the project was developed. The post-conference activities of the group are to prepare and submit a paper for publication in the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing.

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