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Steven W. Kopp, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Marketing University of Arkansas

Professor Kopp has been a faculty member at the University of Arkansas for over a quarter century. He has taught courses in strategy, consumer research, and public policy at the undergraduate, MBA, and PhD levels. He has presented at managerial and academic workshops in Europe, Central America, Asia, and the U.S. He has presented his research to the Federal Trade Commission and the Food and Drug Administration. He is currently the faculty leader for the University of Arkansas Global Community Development Study Abroad program in Vietnam, working with rural farmers in the Mekong Delta.

Steve’s research interests are broad, but include topics primarily related to public policy, legal and regulatory, and consumer protection issues. He is one of the most published authors in the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, has served on the editorial board of that journal for more than ten years, and recently completed editing a special issue titled, “Global Perspectives in Public Policy and Marketing.” His research has also been published in the Journal of Consumer Affairs, the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, the Journal of Marketing Education, the Journal of Business Ethics, and many other academic journals.

His interest in signage is related to intellectual property issues and consumer perceptions of signage, including “Protecting Appearance and Atmospherics: Trade Dress as a Component of Retail Strategy,” published in the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing.

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